• Objectives and Tasks - Overview

    Research and Quizzes 

    February 5 - 11

    Deutsch, N. (2023). Research and Quizzes [Image]. Canva. 

    By the end of week 4, participants will have:

    • attended the weekly Zoom meeting or watched the recording of the meeting.  
    • used Google Bard AI to assist in developing a Google form.  
    • written research and quiz questions based on the help they received from Google Bard AI. 
    • created Google forms for research and for quiz purposes in teams by adding each other as collaborators for student team projects.
    • recorded the form using one of the screen recorders listed in the table below. 
    • published the form in social networks, by email to colleagues, or asked the other participants of the session to fill in the form to get the results.
    • shared the results of the research and quiz on their team and individual walls.
    • worked as a team to add the quiz to Quizlet and share their quizzes of the session in the session Quizlet classroom



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