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Getting Acquainted (January 9 - 15) Support Forum (ask questions here)

Please feel free to ask questions, add comments, and make suggestions in this forum. 

Getting Acquainted (Required Discussion Forum)
The purpose of this forum is for the participants to become acquainted with each other. Remember to respond to at least one other participant. 

Please introduce yourself by answering the following questions:
  • Where you are from?
  • What is your background in mindfulness? 
  • What are some of your ...
Layout of the Course (Required Task)

Create a video tutorial showcasing the layout of this Moodle course. Do not go beyond the course parameters. Refer to the following areas:

  • Left block
  • Center 
  • Right block

Choose one of the following screen recorders to create your video. 




Screen Recorder




What is Mindfulness?

According to the reading  above, what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness in Education (Required graded discussion forum based on the reading above)

After reading the articles above, what role can Mindfulness have in the K-12 school system and in higher education? Remember to reply to at least one other participant. 

Research and Mindfulness (January 16 - 22) Support Forum (ask questions here)

Please feel free to ask questions, add comments, and make suggestions in this forum. 

Why Mindfulness?

What does research tell us about the benefits of Mindfulness? Read the following research studies, annotate and take notes, and share the information. 

Read, annotate, and take notes on the articles on the benefits of mindfulness above. Summarize the information and create interactive slides using...

Changing Habits and Mindfulness Awareness Practice

What does it take to develop a mindfulness practice? What can you do to stick to your practice? Watch the following video by BJ Fogg and see if you can come up with a plan for yourself. Share the plan with us. Add the plan on your curation wall, so you can add multimedia (text, video, audio, ...

Formal Practice (January 23 - 29) Support Forum (ask questions here)

Please feel free to ask questions, add comments, and make suggestions in this forum. 

Teamwork Planning Live Event - You will only see your group. 0
Formal Practice VS. Informal Mindfulness

Read the following article and find 2 other academic articles on the differences between formal and informal mindfulness and the benefits of each

Summarize your findings by using images only in a 10 slide presentation with only ...

Mindfulness in the Classroom to Pause and Reset (Required Activity)

How can we apply the practice of mindfulness awareness in face-to-face, blended (hybrid), fully online, or hyflex classrooms? Read the following articles using amanote in your teams or individually to come up with activities. 

Copy the following Google doc. Add your name before the title, work ...

Recordings of Guided Mindfulness Practice

Get an account on Dropbox if you don't have one, access the Jitsi class (see link above), take turns giving a 5 minute guided mindfulness class, record the class, and share the link of the recording from Dropbox. 

Here's how to share the link:

Each member of the team needs to submit the link. 


Practical Tips and Tricks (January 30 - February 5) Support Forum (ask questions here)

Please feel free to ask questions, add comments, and make suggestions in this forum. 

List 3 of your favourite techniques with a Voki Avatar

Access the free online resources, try some of the techniques on your own, choose your 3 favourites, explain how you used them, and why you chose them as your favourites using a Voki avatar here https://www.voki....

Mindfulness Awareness Techniques
In teams (MAP groups or with your own attendees), practice doing the following techniques in you ZOOM, Jitsi, Big Blue Button, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams:
  • Background Music
  • Guided Mindfulness 
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Body Scan
  • Silent Practice 

Record your event, upload the MP4 to Youtube or Vimeo and ...

Showcase and Reflect (February 6 - 12) Showcase on Curation Wall (Discussion forum with a Grade)
Participants will showcase the work they did in weeks 1-4 and reflect on the process using a screen sharing recorder and curation wall from the list, below.

  • Choose a screen recorder from the list below.
  • Go back to weeks 1-4 of the course. 
  • Take us on a tour of the work you had done in ...
Reflect on the Process with a Voki Avatar

Sign up for or sign in to a Voki account and use the avatar with your voice (in real time or upload an MP3) or by text to speech that is there to reflect on the process of developing and designing a course collaboratively. 

Share the challenges and benefits of the 5-week EVO session and share the ...

Certificate of Completion Support Forum for Questions 0