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Week 1: Getting Acquainted Support for Week 1- Welcome to TEFL2YL and week 1. Please hit this blue link to check in and ask a question or hit any of the blue links below to introduce yourself and add your input.

Use this support forum to ask questions regarding the course or activities, add comments, and/or make suggestions. 

Let's Get Acquainted with a Voki Avatar
Please introduce yourself using Voki and reply to at least one other participant.
Share the link of your Voki in this discussion forum. 

Watch and Learn How to Create Your Voki

Introduce yourself with a Kahoot (Activity with a Grade) Add images that help players guess the correct answer.

Add 10 questions and 10 images that help players guess the correct answer?

Click on "Assign", follow the instructions on Kahoot, and share the link of the assignment. The link should have the word "challenge" in it. 

Watch how you create a challenge!

Choose and Showcase Your Curation Tool (Graded Activity) with a screen recorder of your choice.

Get a free account, try out, and then choose one curation wall and one screen video recorder from the list:

Curation Walls
Screen Recorders
Layout of the Course (Required Task)

Create a video tutorial showcasing the layout of this Moodle course. Do not go beyond the course parameters. Refer to the following areas:

  • Left block
  • Center 
  • Right block

Choose one of the following screen recorders to create your video. 




Screen Recorder




Create an Activity for Voki and Kahoot (Required task with a grade)
Read the two articles on the use of Kahoot and Voki in the language classroom and create an activity for your young learners based on Voki and Kahoot Challenge (10 questions). Add the two activities to your chosen Curation wall/board and share the link of the curation wall/board in this ...
Challenges in teaching EFL to Young Learners - Required activity based on the reading and your experiences.

What are some of the challenges involved in teaching EFL to Young Learners? 

Remember to read and reply to at least one other person!

Week 2: The UpCycled Classroom Support Forum for Week 2

   a sign that says Welcome

WELCOME TO WEEK 2 support forum
Please use this forum to ASK or ANSWER a QUESTION, QUERY, PROBLEM being faced by you or another participant.
Replies by a Moderator will always be available but remember due to diverse world time zones the replies may be delayed. 

Don't worry as we are always here...
Discussing the Reading

  • Discuss what you've learned from the readings provided in relation to what you know. 
  • Include the following points in your discussion. 
    • How would you use this information in teaching EFL to  Young Learners?
  • Respond to at least two other participants...
Discussing Effective Upcycled Classrooms

In an UpCycled Classroom, you use low resource materials to improve learning. 

  • Explain what you think the UpCycled Classroom looks like when you create something new using low resource materials. 
  • How you would use these resources in a classroom?
  • Imagine and analyze the (teaching and learning) ...
Week 2 Activity: Upcycling Zero to Low Resources (Submit Videos)

Activity for Week 2

Document the process by making a video as you create the upcycled resource and lesson using Screen-cast-o-Matic or other video recording software or app.

Upload to YOUTUBE or VIMEO - make sure you DO NOT mark your videos as private but you can make them UNLISTED if you like ...

Wakelet for Week 2

Visit the Wakelet for Week 2 that I created for our session. 

Create your own Wakelet account. 

Then make sure to FOLLOW my Wakelet for Week 2. 

After you  CREATE AND FOLLOW  our Wakelets, you can add your video tutorial to the Wakelet here.


    • If you have any questions please tell me about it in the ...
Week 3: Board Games Support Forum for Week 3

Hi to all the TEFL2YL EVO 2021 participants, 

WELCOME TO WEEK 3 support forum

Please use this forum to ASK or ANSWER a QUESTION, QUERY, PROBLEM being faced by you or another participant.

Replies by the Moderators will always be available, but remember due to diverse world time zones the replies may ...

Discussing the Reading Material

Please go ahead and look at the reading available in this week's reading material supplied in the links or the book in this week 3 on the EVO moodle session.

  • discuss theories of teaching and learning English language skills via board games 

  • discuss board games in the YLT classroom 

  • consider the ...

Activity week 3: Board Game (video tutorial)

Activity for Week 3

  1. Go to this link
  2. Document the process by making a video
  3. You can Upload to YOUTUBE or VIMEO or other video sharing site - make sure you DO NOT mark your videos as private but you can make them UNLISTED if you like (public is best) ...
Board Game Templates

SlidesMania is a fantastic website for Educators ... if you haven't browsed it yet then do that now!

Visit the Website here

I found this great Board Game template on SlidesMania, it's a bit different to what I created a few years ago, I am sharing both here in this post. Click on the IMAGES which ...

Week 4: Bringing A Book to Life with improvisational play online! Support Forum for Week 4

Here is where you can:

  • ask for help (support) on doing the activities only in this week!
  • make suggestions for the activities only in this week.
  • and see additional tutorials to help you do the course.

This is the forum where you can reach out to me if you have a problem regarding only Week 4.

Reflect on beginning Week 4

After you attend the kick off Zoom for this Week 4 or have watched the replay, create only one discussion in the forum and reflect:

  • What do you expect to learn this week?
  • What would you like to learn this week?
  • When is the best time & day, for you, between February 1 - 5 to do the Mandatory ...
Final Reflection on Final Interactive Zoom

You must post only one reflection on your group in the interactive Zoom.

This is graded (just if you did or didn't do it) for your badge.

‚ú®There will be more than one interactive Zooms scheduled. If you missed the interactive Zoom session, please message me and I will try to schedule an additional ...

Week 5: Showcase and Reflect Support for Showcasing Final Task

Please use this support forum for questions, to add comments, and make suggestions.

Showcase on a Curation Wall (Discussion forum with a Grade)
Participants will showcase the work they did in weeks 1-4 and reflect on the process using a screen sharing recorder and curation wall from the list, below.

  • Choose a screen recorder from the list below.
  • Go back to weeks 1-4 of the course. 
  • Take us on a tour of the work you had done in ...
Reflect on the course with a Voki Avatar

Sign up for or sign in to a Voki account and use the avatar with your voice (in real time or upload an MP3) or by text to speech that is there to reflect on the course. 

Share the challenges and benefits of the 5-week EVO session and share the link of your Voki reflection in this discussion forum....