• OBJECTIVES & TASKS: Overview of Week 3

    Video Presentations

    January 29 - February 4

    Deutsch, N. (2023). Introduction [Image]. Canva. 

    By the end of week 3, participants will have: 
    • attended the weekly Zoom meetings or watched the recordings of the meetings.   
    • chosen a video based mobile learning activity for the list provided in the session.   
    • create a video presentation using presentation slides on Canva or use one of the slide presentations lised below.
    • introduce the activity and provide students with instructions on how to do the activity. 
    • create 5-10 slides on Canva or one of the other presentation tools and record their voices.  
    • share the link or embed the video presentation.
    Video Based Mobile Leaning Activities for EFL Students 
    Activity Description Language Skills Practiced
    "Day in My Life" Vlogs Students create vlogs documenting a day in their life, narrating activities and surroundings. Everyday language, narration, descriptive language
    Role-Play Interviews Students conduct mock interviews in pairs or groups, playing different roles. Formal/informal speech, questioning, listening
    News Report Project Create short news reports on current events or school activities. Journalistic language, presentation skills
    Language Teaching Videos Students make videos teaching aspects of the English language. Teaching skills, grammar/vocabulary pronunciation
    Cultural Exchange Diaries Video diaries shared with students in English-speaking countries, showcasing local culture. Descriptive language, cross-cultural communication
    Book/Movie Reviews Film reviews of English books or movies, expressing opinions and critiques. Opinion expression, critical thinking
    English Through Drama Script and act out scenes from English plays or create short skits. Dialogue, intonation, expressive language
    Scavenger Hunt A hunt where students find and record items, describing each in English. Descriptive language, vocabulary
    "How-To" Tutorials Instructional videos on how to perform a skill or task. Imperative sentences, sequencing language
    Language Comparison Videos Videos comparing English with their native language, focusing on linguistic aspects. Comparative language, cultural insights


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