Topic outline

  • In week  2, participants will: 

    Various Language Tools to Improve Language Speaking Skills:

    1.  Awabe
    2.  Beeling 
    3.  LearnEnglish Audio and Video
    4.  Busuu
    5.  Duolingo
    6.  English Speaking Practice (To install a British Council app, please visit the iOS or the Android app store).                                           
    7.  Hello English 

    • Please use this support forum to ask questions, add comments and to make suggestions. 

    • Start discussions: 1 Receive a grade

      Try out the tools, sign up for a free account on Voki, and use a talking Voki avatar (your own voice or via text with a machine voice) for your feedback. Include the following information:

      1. Name one tool and give your assessment.
      2. What do you think of the other tools? Why would you not recommend them? 
      3. How would you use the tool you chose with your students?

      Share the link of your Voki response by copying and pasting it in this discussion forum.

    • Please respond to the following items and reply to at least one other participant. 

      1. Choose 3 tools. 
      2. How do the tools promote learner vocabulary?
      3. How will each of the tools enhance your students' spoken skills? 
      4. How will you use the each of the tools with your students?
      5. Will you use the tool in the face-to-face class, online, or both? Please explain. 

    • Follow these instructions:

      How to Add a Study Set to a Quizlet Class After Joining the Class

    • Study your set under learn and the other Quizlet activities. When you feel that you're familiar with the terms and definitions, play Match and see how fast you can play the game. Take a screenshot of your your best score and paste it in this discussion forum. Reflect on the experience.