• Week 2: The UpCycled Classroom

    Week 2 January 16 - 22 

    In week 2, The Upcycled Classroom participants will read educational articles or research papers, discuss ways to create opportunities for learning through upcycling, and create presentations for sharing in class or with your colleagues.

    The purpose of this conference session is to encourage you, as teachers, to think about methods or activities, for teaching English to Young Learners and help you enjoy developing your teaching practice and make a place for upcycling in your classroom. 

    The readings and workshops include ideas based on Inquiry Learning (open mindset) in the context of upcycling:

    • Participants will choose and read  2 or more educational articles or presentations (READINGS) on the topics listed. 
      • Share ONE Reading you selected and write a summary. Explain what impressed you the most, either positively, negatively, or both.
        • Include the summary in the discussion forum.
        • Respond to two or more discussions from other participants. Continue the conversation with the other participants. 
        • Please respond back to discussion points from other participants.

    • In a video tutorial using ScreenCastOMatic or similar video recording software, show how your EFL lesson can be taught . If you are teaching a class, you may take picture, audio, or video. Do remember: No names or faces of students.

    • Save the video tutorial and any other workshop artifacts on YouTube, Vimeo, or other open video storage that you can use to document in the Week 2 Wakelet.