• Week 5: Showcase and Reflect

    Week 5: February 8 - 14

    In week 5, each team will reflect on the process of working in teams and on the tools used in weeks 1-4 using their cameras and voice on Flipgrid and share the link of their reflection. 

    They will also fill in two Google forms. 

    Learn how to access and share the link of your Flipgrid response.

    1. How did you team up?
    2. Did you face any challenges as a team member? If so, what challenges did you face?
    3. What challenges do you expect your students to face? How will you deal with them?
    4. What did you learn about yourself as you worked?
    5. How will you use Google docs, slides, and forms with your students? 
    6. List as many activities as you can.