Topic outline

  • Objectives and Tasks - Overview

    Presentations and Videos 

    January 29 - February 4

    Deutsch, N. (2023). Presentations and Videos [Image]. Canva. Retrieved November 5,  2023 from URL.

    By the end of week 3, participants will have:
    • attended the weekly Zoom meeting or watched the recording of the meeting. 
    • used Google slides or Canva to collaborate on a team presentation.
    • worked in teams to create a Google or Canva presentation with only images on a debate topic the team chose.
    • learned about and follow copyrights and given credit to images and how to find images that can be modified on Google search. 
    • recorded their voice and added the audio to each slide using Canva.  
    • uploaded the MP4 of the screen recorder and published the video on Youtube or Vimeo or share the link.
    • added interactive activities (questions) using Edpuzzle or Nearpod.
    • added the final interactive video work to their team and individual curation walls and shared the links.