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    Professional Development and Moodle Training Programs was founded by Dr. Nellie Deutsch in 2009 in order to bring free e-learning to educators in developing and developed countries in blended and fully online programs. 

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Available courses

Course image Advanced Moodle Course Development
Moodle Training

Advanced Moodle Course Development (AMCD) is a 5-week online course. The content of AMCD focuses on tips and tricks for Moodle teachers. The course is for participants, who completed MM22 or have taught and developed at least one Moodle course. They will learn how to edit the course, add enrollment methods, enroll students, learn about course completion and competencies, how to create certificates and tips and tricks on how to engage learners in collaborative peer-based learning activities.

Course image Moodle MOOC 22 (MM22)
Moodle Training

The first Moodle MOOC started in 2013. Moodle MOOCs take place once a year in May. The goal of  Moodle MOOCs is to introduce the participants to a learning management system called Moodle. Participants of the MOOC will create their very own courses and learn to teach online with the resources, activities, blocks, and other plugins available on the Moodle course. 

Course image Manager of a Moodle Site
Moodle Training

Manage a Moodle Site (MMS) course is a free 5-week training course for advanced Moodlers. The course includes user, course, and other manager activities.  Advanced learners, who receive a certificate of completion from previous Moodle for Teachers courses on how to teach with Moodle can go on to learn how to manage a Moodle site. The course takes place in May of each year.

Course image MMVC22 August 5-7
Online Conferences

MMVC22 11th anniversary August 5-7, 2022. Free badges and certificates will be available to presenters and attendees. 

Course image WebQuests for Inquiry-based Learning
Teach Online

WebQuests are problem-based learning activities that engage learners in the learning process. WebQuests are valuable instructional tools for learners of all ages in both the school and work settings. WebQuests engage learners in experiential (hands on) inquiry-based learning activities. 

These activities promote collaborative social skills, higher order critical thinking skills, inquiry problem-based learning, and technological skills. In addition, WebQuests motivate and empower teachers and learners to become lifelong learners. Find out everything you wanted to know about the WebQuest and create your very own WebQuest. 

Registration starts on March 11. Course starts on April 1.

Contact Dr. Nellie Deutsch for further information. 

Course image TESOL Online
Teach English

Dr. Nellie Deutsch, a Canadian TESOL teacher is offering this free TESOL Online Course. The only requirement is that participants are actively involved with the content, each other, and the instructor, do the weekly tasks within the 4 weeks, and finish the final course task, so they can qualify for the free certificate. 

The members of the course will focus on how to teach with technology and develop lessons that engage learners both online and in person. The course is an annual event with many hands-on peer and individual practice. TESOL Online follows blended (hybrid) learning and blended online learning formats.

TESOL Online For Free (TO4F) 4-week online course starts on August 1 and ends on August 31 of each year. 

In order to qualify, please fill in this form and record and upload a 2-5 minute video introducing yourself and explaining your interest in taking TESOL Online. You can do the video live on Youtube, on your phone, on ZOOM or ZOOM alternatives, Vimeo, or any other screen recorders.  Make sure the video is public and viewable. 

For further information and questions, please subscribe to this YouTube channel https://youtube.com/c/nelliedeutsch and ask your questions in the comment box under the description of any of the videos.

Course image Applied English for Science and Technology
Self-Paced Courses

This course is designed to improve students' conversation skills in a scientific- or engineering-oriented setting. Grammar, writing styles and speaking skills specific to students' scientific and engineering areas of interest will be the focus of this course and will be accomplished through discussions of various authentic technical-based texts.

Course image Digital Literacy
Self-Paced Courses

This course was designed as an example of a course optimised for the Moodle mobile site or app.

Course image Python for Beginners - Python Language Basics
Self-Paced Courses

This is the introductory course for Python for Beginners.  Please start here if you have no experience coding in Python.  This course is self-paced; you can proceed through the course, but need to complete each unit before moving on to the next unit.

Course image Action Research to Improve Learning

Action Research to Improve Learning is an annual 4-week course. Participants of the course will develop an action research project to evaluate and measure an online course in blended or fully online programs, face-to-face courses, or any program related to instruction and learning at school or workplace.

The course content includes how to formulate a problem statement, the purpose of the evaluation, a literature review, research design, data collection, data analyses, an oral presentation, and a written report before and after the intervention. 

Registration begins June 24. 

Course image Virtual Worlds MOOC 2021
Virtual Worlds

The eighth annual Second Life MOOC (renamed the Virtual World MOOC in 2018) started in 2014. VWMOOC21 will take place from September 1-30, 2021. 

Presenters | VWMOOC on Moodle | Live Sessions | VWMOOC21 in Second Life

The theme of the current MOOC is “Connecting in Virtual Worlds. Communities of Practice” There is a plethora of communities in virtual worlds promoting  education and learning through connecting online via web technologies such as Second Life. The MOOC will focus on connecting online for collaborative learning and teaching around the world through virtual worlds like Second Life, Digiworldz, Kitely, Minecraft, or OpenSim. The live presentations will include the speakers’ reflective process on teaching and learning in fully online and blended learning formats. 

VWMOOC21 is for educators, schools, and public and private businesses that wish to provide training in virtual worlds. Weekly badges and a final certificate of completion will be available for free. 

There will be 2 learning platforms: Moodle for Teachers and VMMOOC Headquarters

We also have an exhibition with different presentations where participants will be able to review the slides and get resources from each one of the presenters. 

Course image Teaching EFL to Young Learners
Electronic Village Online - EVO23

This is a hands-on session for teachers of English to Young Learners and Teens from around the world. The focus is on activities that engage young learners. Teachers will use tools for student speaking, limited resource classroom activities, board games, and learn a storybook reading improvisational play activity.  

Course image Technology for Spoken English
Electronic Village Online - EVO23

Many English language teachers and their students are unable to speak English fluently and accurately. Technology can facilitate the process by providing practice. The session provides various tools to practice and improve spoken English with fluency and accuracy.

Course image Developing Learning Habits
Electronic Village Online - EVO23

Effective learning habits are essential for school and future careers. Participants of the session will learn about Personal Competency: A Framework for Building Students' Capacity to Learn by and develop effective learning habits that engage and motivate students to make good use of their time in and out of class. 

Course image Tools for Student Collaboration
Electronic Village Online - EVO23

Learning is fun when it’s social. In this session, participants will learn how to engage students in collaborative team-based learning in and out of the classroom using their computers and/or smart phones. The focus is on curation and video recording tools that engage learners in peer and collaborative learning. 

Course image Mindfulness Awareness Practice
Electronic Village Online - EVO23
Participants will learn about and develop a mindfulness awareness practice. They will work individually and in teams. The session activities include formal and informal mindfulness practice. The participants will keep a personal journal (diary activity) for reflections on the individual practice and mindful activities and on the weekly session activities. 

Course image Video Based Mobile Learning
Electronic Village Online - EVO23
Learn how students can create video tutorials on their smartphone to engage in storytelling, video tutorials, and presentations. With free screen recording tools with online and offline download capabilities for desktop sharing, participants will be able to communicate, learn from peers and have fun.

Course image Moodle for Teachers - Learn to Teach Online
Electronic Village Online - EVO23

The goal of the session is to introduce Moodle learning management system for face-to-face, blended (hybrid), and fully online programs. Participants will learn how to teach online using the activities, resources, and blocks available on Moodle to develop their own individual and collaborative Moodle courses. 

Course image CEFR Vs. Assessment: How can new revisions help?
Electronic Village Online - EVO23

What have you done about assessment after a new normal year? Do you concentrate on f2f or online tools or a hybrid? Join us to discuss a new perspective of assessment in teaching English after a long challenging year with new hybrid tools. 

Course image Professional Development Events
Course Intro Video Url (Embedded): https://youtu.be/FyIzxihQ1lE

11 months of free annual online professional development MOOCs, webinars, conference, workshops, and  courses on Moodle for Teachers starting on the first week of January. 

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