4. Syllabus

4.3. Week 2: January 22 - 28 (Upcycling Workspace)

Lead Moderator: Sheryl A. McCoy

By the end of week 2, participants will have:
  • prepared for a "First Day": How do we improve young learners student learning by implementing contextual expression of appropriate, individual learning.
  • learned how to create context in EFL to young learners in learning by Upcycling. 
  • read, considered and summarized what was learned about the theory of Upcycling. 
  • viewed examples from websites or other media, as well as described or show what an effective Upcycling Workspace can be.
  • created a sample Upcycling Workspace and developed a particular learning context for EFL to young learners learning in the Moodle.
  • used ScreenPal or Vimeo to record progress.
  • used Wakelet to feature creations, ideas, and samples.

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