• Objectives and Tasks - Overview

    Twee AI Generated Activities

    February 5 - 11

    Deutsch, N. (2023). Twee AI [Image]. Canva. 

    Week 4: February 5 - 11 TWEE AI Generated Activities (Nellie Deutsch)


    In week 4, participants will learn how to use Twee AI to:

    • generate questions, dialogues, stories, and articles that are appropriate for EFL learners.
    • explore a variety of tasks that can be used with Twee in EFL classes, such as guided practice, independent practice, games, and challenges.
    • discuss ways to make the learning process fun and effective for EFL learners.


    By completing these activities, the teacher will gain the knowledge and skills they need to use Twee to create effective and engaging lesson materials for their EFL students. They will also learn how to use Youtube to find relevant videos that can be used with Twee.

    To accomplish these goals, participants will complete a number of activities, each of which will be based on a Youtube video that they choose. Twee will summarize, transcribe, and generate the questions, dialogues, stories, and articles for the activities.

    By the end of week 4, participants will have:
    • attended the weekly Zoom meeting or watched the recording of the meeting. 
    • used Google Bard to help them choose a Youtube video that is relevant to their EFL class.
    • watched as Twee AI summarized the video and transcribed the audio.
    • watched as Twee generated questions, dialogues, stories, and articles based on the video.
    • used the questions, dialogues, stories, and articles to create a lesson plan or activity for their class.
    • saved the Twee activities as PDF files (system feature on Twee) and uploaded the PDF files to a Collaborative Wakelet
    • summarized and added feedback questions using Chat with any PDF AI or Askyourpdf
    • reflected on the process of using Twee AI. 

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