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  • Objectives and Tasks - Overview

    AI-Driven Activities

    January 29 - February 4

    Deutsch, N. (2023). Create videos [Image]. Canva. Retrieved November 5,  2023 from URL.

    Week 3: January 29 - February 4 AI-driven Activities (Amany Alkhayat)

    In week 3, participants will gain hands-on experience creating AI-driven activities for the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Classroom. They will utilize AI-powered language apps to develop engaging language learning games, such as crossword puzzles, word search, text adventures and interactive fiction that immerse learners in interactive narratives, and riddles and puzzles that foster critical thinking skills. 

    Participants will also have the opportunity to collaboratively build stories using AI assistance, encouraging students' creativity. Additionally, they'll explore role-playing games to make language acquisition more dynamic, play classic word games like Hangman to reinforce vocabulary. Furthermore, participants can employ AI tools to facilitate word association games, word ladders, and mystery-solving activities, ensuring a diverse and captivating learning experience. The session will also delve into language learning through translation exercises and vocabulary quizzes, empowering educators to harness AI technology effectively in the ESOL classroom, enhancing student engagement and language proficiency in innovative and meaningful ways.

    These activities collectively provide a comprehensive and innovative approach to language learning, leveraging the power of AI to create a rich and engaging experience for both teachers and students in the ESOL classroom.

    By the end of week 3, participants will have: 
    • attended the weekly Zoom meeting or watched the recording of the meeting. 
    • designed Text Adventures and Interactive Fiction: Building immersive text-based games.
    • constructed Riddles and Puzzles: Fostering critical thinking through riddles and puzzles.
    • collaboratively built Stories with AI Assistance: Encouraging creativity through collaborative storytelling.
    • played Classic Word Games like Hangman: Reinforcing vocabulary with traditional word games.
    • facilitated Word Association Games: Employing AI tools for engaging word association activities.
    • created Word Ladders: Developing word ladder games.
    • designed Mystery-Solving Activities: Creating captivating mystery-solving activities.
    • learnt about Language Learning through Translation


    1. ChatGPT
    2. NightCafe or DallE-2
    3. Twinery
    4. ChatPDF
    5. AI Story Generator 
    6. Photo-To-Story Generator