Topic outline

  • Objectives and Tasks - Overview

    AI Art and Language Generators

    January 22 - 28

    Deutsch, N. (2023). AI Art and Language Generators  [Image]. Canva. Retrieved November 5,  2023 from URL.

    Week 2: January 22 - 28 AI Art and Language Generators (Doris Molero) 

    In week 2, participants will embark on a transformative language journey to explore the synergy between AI-generated art and language enrichment. They will discover how visual vocabulary, cultural exploration, and creative language practice are enhanced through captivating visuals. 

    By the end of week 2, participants will have:
    • attended the weekly Zoom meeting or watched the recording of the meeting. 
    • watched a recording of the presentation: Journey of Words: AI driven-art for language learning and answered reflection questions. 
    • posted their AI images and reflect on how they could use them in class  in a collaborative Padlet.
    • looked at different suggestions and ideas on how to integrate Ai generated art into their lessons
    • designed a lesson plan to integrate AI-generated art.
    • shared and socialize a lesson plan to integrate Ai generated art in a collaborative Padlet


    AI Art Generators

    Other tools: