Topic outline

  • In week 4, participants will continue developing their online courses. They will label their section topics (custom name), create support forums and discussions with grades using ratings and whole grades for the activity completion of the forums. They will add a progress bar block and set up the course completion.  

    Users in a Moodle Course

    Learning to Moodle is an ongoing process that never ends. There's always more to learn because the platform develops, changes, and improves and so do we. Keep that in mind as you work on your collaborative course. You may find Carol Dweck's work on the importance of the process as opposed to the need to reach a point in time of interest. 

    Remember that you're here to explore the platform, work with your peers, support one another, and develop your online teaching and Moodle skills.  

    Participants will engage with the video by replying to the questions and each other in the message area next to the video as they watch.