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Teach English
Skill Level: Beginner

Dear Colleagues,

TESOL Online For Free (TO4F) 4-week online course starts on August 1 and ends on August 31 of each year. The course is completely free (including the certificate), but requires your active engagement with the content and your peers. I will be moderating the course. It is not self-paced, but you can work ahead. It's not a good idea to lag behind, so if there are issues, please keep me posted. 

The members of the course will focus on how to teach with technology and develop lessons that engage learners both online and in person. The course is an annual event with many hands-on peer and individual practice. TESOL Online follows blended (hybrid) learning and blended online learning formats.

If you need a new account on the site, click on one of the social icons (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo) to get an account. Here's the login page will be using the same method of logging or "signing in" each time.

In order to qualify, please fill in this form and record and upload a 2-5 minute video introducing yourself and explaining your interest in taking TESOL Online. You can do the video live on Youtube, on your phone, on ZOOM or ZOOM alternatives, Vimeo, or any other screen recorders.  Make sure the video is public and viewable. 

Enjoy TESOL Online.

Warm wishes,