Self-based courses on how to use Moodle

Moodle MOOC 24 (MM24): Learn to Moodle
Moodle Training

The first Moodle MOOC started in 2013. Moodle MOOCs take place once a year in May. The goal of the Moodle MOOCs is to introduce the participants to a learning management system called Moodle so they can use it to teach in face-to-face, blended, and in fully online programs. The Moodle MOOCs take place on the latest stable Moodle version. There are 3 courses available for beginners and advanced Moodlers. This course is for beginners. Participants will learn about and practice using the activities, resources, and blocks available in their very own Moodle course. 

Develop a Moodle Course
Moodle Training

This course is for advanced teachers of Moodle. Develop a Moodle Course (DaMC) is a 4-week online course. The content of DaMC focuses on tips and tricks for Moodle teachers. The course is for participants, who have taught at least one Moodle course and know how to add activities, resources, and blocks. They will learn how to edit the course, add enrollment methods, enroll students, learn about course completion and competencies, how to create certificates and tips and tricks on how to engage learners in collaborative peer-based learning activities.

Manager of a Moodle Site
Moodle Training

Manager of a Moodle Site (MOMS) course is a free 4-week training course for advanced Moodlers who have developed their own Moodle courses and wish to practice the features available to managers of a Moodle site. The course includes user, course, and other manager activities.  Advanced learners, who receive a certificate of completion from previous Moodle for Teachers courses on how to teach with Moodle can go on to learn how to manage a Moodle site. The course takes place in May of each year.

Moodle Training

This is where I try out new activities and resources on Moodle. You can join me if you'd like to try things out as a teacher or learner. Send me a message if this interests you. 


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