Self-based courses on how to use Moodle

The first Moodle MOOC started in 2013. Moodle MOOCs take place once a year in May. The goal of  Moodle MOOCs is to introduce the participants to a learning management system called Moodle. Participants of the MOOC will create their very own courses and learn to teach online with the resources, activities, blocks, and other plugins available on the Moodle course. 

The course is for participants, who completed MM22 will be able to take the course. They will learn how to edit the course, add enrollment methods, enroll students, learn about course completion and competencies, and how to create certificates.

Manage a Moodle Site (MMS) course is a free 5-week training course for advanced Moodlers. The course includes user, course, and other manager activities.  Advanced learners, who receive a certificate of completion from previous Moodle for Teachers courses on how to teach with Moodle can go on to learn how to manage a Moodle site. The course takes place in May of each year.  You will be registered manually after you fill in the form below. 

You will only be promoted to a manager on the Moodle site called Blended Online Learning (BOL), once you complete the introduction section of this course and receive a badge

Please fill in this form to add your certificate.