How to Write Business English Materials

  • Do you sometimes find published BE materials dull or inappropriate for your learners?
  • Do you write your own materials or want to?
  • Do you have ideas for different materials that would inspire your learners and others?
  • Do you want to publish your own materials?
  • Do you want to learn more about digital publishing?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, do yourself a favour, enrol in my 6 week how to write business English programme. I will mentor you at every stage of the process and by the end you will be on your way to producing your own ebook, print book or online course, either in your dream team or on your own.


SESSION 1                                 STARTING TO WRITE


In this session you will:                                                         1 Curate your own writing ritual.                                           2 Decide how to start.                                                          3 Think outside your own box.  
SESSION 2 DEFINING In this session you will:                                                         1 Define what you want to write, the type of material and the components.                                                                   2 Explore different structures for the modules you want to create.                                                                                 3 Freewrite different ways of presenting your material.         4 Identify your signature tune as a teacher and writer.
SESSION 3 DESIGNING  In this session, you will look at how to:                                  1 Discover your niche and develop it.                                    2 Highlight the main area you want to cover.                        3 Identify suitable source material.
SESSION 4 STRUCTURING In this session you will learn how to:                                     1 Write for flow first, follow your instinct and tweak later.     2 Know your limits and free yourself from traditions.         3 Love writing.
SESSION 5 EDITING In this session you will:                                                        1 Make your formula engaging and unique.                         2  Look at new ways of looking at BE.                                   3 Adapt old ideas that work and new techniques you haven’t tried.
SESSION 6 PUBLISHING  In this session you will                                                        1 Set schedules and plan the stages to completion.              2 Question yourself about packaging and how to ‘package’ your material.                                                                       3 Prepare piloting and meet ups to sample material.             4 Rework the material to fit the remit.                                 5 Plan publishing specifications.

Each session contains: a writing task, collaborative task and a reflective task.

Course Dates:

The course starts on 10 April and runs until 20 May, 2017. Take advantage of the early bird tuition until March 23, 2017. 


Julie Pratten is a teacher, writer and publisher and has taught general English, BE and EAP for many years. She is the leading author of banking and financial English publications. In 2015, Julie established the Indie publishing platform, Academic Study Kit, which was the joint winner of the David Riley Award for A-Z of Business and last year the second book in the A-Z series, A-Z of Intercultural Communication by Judith Mader and Rudi Camerer, was shortlisted. ASK also developed the apps Brighton Study Kit and Academic Flipwords. Julie lives in Antalya, Turkey where she runs ‘Create and Collaborate’ writer’s retreats. The course includes online sessions, follow up mentoring and the opportunity to gain certification. Julie is also a regular speaker, online and at international conferences. Doing things differently in collaboration with others is what inspires her.

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