About Integrating Technology

In 1993, I decided to start teaching in the computer room. In 2003, I began using Moodle for most of my face-to-face high school classes. I had no idea that this would lead me to conducting a blended learning research study for my doctorate. Teaching and learning a foreign language with technology made a lot of sense. I had been using the tape recorder and radio in all my classes since I began teaching in the mid 70s.

Moodle came into my life in 2003 when I decided to connect my students with a teacher and her students from a school in another area. The idea of going beyond the classroom for learning appealed to my students and I. I created a WebQuest based on short stories and books to make the case for learning online in a blended learning format. Moodle was the best choice at the time.

Integrating Technology community began in 2009. The site was originally called Building Relationships. Building Relationships began in 2006 as a Moodle course and learning management website to connect my face-to-face English language high school learners with other students from around the world. I’d like to thank my students for collaborating at a time when blended learning was still unheard of. Parents and other teachers didn’t understand the purpose of using the Internet for instruction and learning at the time, but my students loved connecting with other schools from around the globe and being able to access classwork and engagement online.