6. Week 4

Week 4: (January 30 - February 5) Users in a Moodle Course

In week 4, participants will continue working on their individual courses on Teachers Teaching Teachers Moodle site https://onlinecourses4free.com. They will document the process using Screencast-o-Matic, LOOM, Edpuzzle, Vimeo, Flipgrid, or Awesome and publish the recording as a team on Youtube or Vimeo as they work. 

  • Participants will manually enroll 10 of the participants from M4TL2TO EVO23 session to their courses as students. 
  • They will create 2 groups and add the participants to the groups.   
  • They will create a discussion forum for group work. 
  • Participants will create digital badges for each section based on the activity completions for the criteria.  
  • They will create a course completion for the activities.
  • They will create certificates for their courses based on criteria for the course completion. 
  • Add the certificate to section 5 and label the section.