5. Week 3

Week 3: (January 24 - 30) Moodle Blocks and Planning a Collaborative Online Course 

In week 3, participants will receive rights as managers of a Moodle course and work on the blocks. They will explore, add blocks, and document how they use them in their courses on Moodle Cloud or Gnomio. They will also start working on their collaborative courses. 

  • Discuss the role of a manager of a school and in a Moodle course
  • Explore Moodle tools by adding blocks in the block area in their courses on Moodle Cloud or Gnomio
  • Document the blocks available on Moodle in the main course area as a student.
  • Document the blocks available in the block area as a manager of the course by showing how to add blocks in their courses on Moodle Cloud or Gnomio. 
  • Prepare a collaborative teamwork policy and a syllabus for their collaborative courses.
  • Get an account on Teachers Teaching Teachers https://onlinecourses4free.com where they will develop their collaborative courses.