3. Week 1

Week 1: (January 10 - 16) Getting Acquainted and Cognitive Competency

In week 1, participants will get acquainted with each other, the layout of the section, and with the tools.  

  1. Introduce yourself using a Voki avatar by clicking on this link https://www.voki.com 
  2. Discuss the learning habits and ways we can help students develop effective learning habits.
  3. Discuss personalized learning.
  4. Create a personalized learning chart (copy Google doc) for one of your students, make the doc viewable by anyone who has the link so we can all view it and share it in the discussion forum. 
  5. Discuss Cognitive Competency
  6. Read and engage in the reading material using Amanote for annotations and notetaking.
  7. Get accounts on each of the listed technology tools below.  
  8. Choose a curation wall for the reflections and for notes (multimedia)
  9. Create a Kahoot Challenge with 10 questions related to your reading on Cognitive Competency for week 1 .
  10. Start reflecting on content of week 1 on your chosen curation wall. 
  11. Join the Quizlet class for the course session https://quizlet.com/join/YuuM2mg6F
  12. Start a Quizlet study set for the 45 terms https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dgZxh-Q_1VFeq70LcqddHNz0Gq-RWXB1thqxGvsbIho/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Adding first 10 of the 45 terms and definitions on your Quizlet study set for week 1 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dgZxh-Q_1VFeq70LcqddHNz0Gq-RWXB1thqxGvsbIho/edit?usp=sharing
  14. Receive digital badge for completing the tasks for week 1.