2. TEFL2YL 2022 My Lesson Video Expectations


Ideas for Upcycling in the Classroom Workshop Sessions

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You will select an upcycling project, create a TEACHING English lesson for your video.n You may use this guide exactly, OR use this guide as a model and create your own Upcycling project.



·     How to start the lesson,

·     How to make the Upcycled/Recycled tool or activity that you create or

·     For your reimagination find a way that you could use these ideas yourself.

Survey 1

·     What does Upcycling means?

·     What are the three Rs to help create a sustainable environment.

·     Would you use patches or badges for student completion of an activity or a series of lessons?


Survey 2

·     My students like to work with end pieces or convert one objects into another.

·     I have made models of living things by reusing a variety of clean, previous used materials.

·     What would you like to learn to make through upcycling?


Develop or select a template for teachers to use based on our conference sessions.

For instance:

The mainstays of everyday language.

·     What’s the weather today?

·     What do I wear today?

·     How can we travel?



The mainstays of common employment

If we live in/on:

·     A farm

·     A town

·     A city


The mainstays of ecosystems

If we live in:

·     A desert

·     A jungle

·     A woodland

·     A prairie


The basics for little ones

About Animals


The links here are from the Oxford Learners Dictionary vocabulary suggestions.


Some of the words are British English, since this is Oxford University Press list, so check all the words to make sure that you or the English speakers where you live would refer to words like:

Sett – the home of a badger

Drey – the home of a squirrel


Animal Homes – Click here to see a short list of the English names of Animal homes they live.

Bird Homes – Click here to see a short list of the English names of Bird Homes.

Insect Homes – Click here to see a short list of the English names of Insect Homes.



Check out these blog posts at Pink Stripey Socks  that use Recycling/Upcycling with a STEAM topic. What is STEAM?


Pick your learning standard and select an upcycling activity to teach a lesson that matches.



Reference Hot List


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