Syllabus of the Session 📌

4. Syllabus

4.3. Week 2: January 22 - 28 (Interactive Videos)

By the end of week 2, participants will have:
  • attended the weekly Zoom meetings or watched the recordings of the meetings.   
  • explored, read, learned, and discussed the benefits and challenges involved in video-based mobile learning. 
  • learned how to create interactive activities to engage students using EdPuzzle.   
  • used Google Bard with YouTube video extension to assist in finding a YouTube video. 
  • chose a video from YouTube based on Google Bard.
  • asked Google Bard to come up with questions based on the chosen YouTube video.
  • added the questions to a YouTube video using Edpuzzle (for mobile and desktop) to engage students as they watched the video.
  • shared the Edpuzzle with the other participants to use on their smartphone. 

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