Topic outline

  • Participants will showcase their courses and reflect on the process of creating them and on the experience of giving live online classes. They will create presentation on Google slides, make the presentation public and share the link in the discussion forum, below. 

    • Start discussions: 1 Post replies: 1 Receive a grade

      Each member of the team needs to showcase your asynchronous courses and reflect on your feelings as you set up the courses on the various platforms and gave the live online meetings. 

      Create a Powerpoint presentation (Slides) on Google to showcase the courses you created and share your thoughts/feelings on the process, add the videos for each of the courses on the 5 platforms and the 8 live online videos of the recordings of the live online sessions you gave by embedding the links to your YouTube videos, so we can just click and view the video straight from your PowerPoint slides, and make the presentation public for viewing, and share the link in this discussion forum. 

      Please remember to respond to one other person by replying to their discussion post.