• Self-Compassion and Gratitude Practice

     The practice of Mindfulness and loving kindness helps us take care of ourselves so we can be in a better position to help others. In this section, participants will learn about and practice self-compassion, self-kindness, and showing gratitude in and out of the classroom. They will also practice gratitude and showing compassion and kindness to others. 

    Suffering and happiness go hand in hand. We need to enjoy happiness when it comes and wish it upon others who suffer. We need to recognize and be compassionate (not pity) the suffering of others and wish them to be free of suffering. 

    Communication is key. Self-understanding of our suffering helps us better understand the suffering of others. How we communicate and deal with our suffering reflects the quality of our communication with others. Learning to be there for ourselves, paves the way to being there for our learners.

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