• Breathing Practice

    In this section, participants will follow a mindfulness practice of breathing as they strengthen the right brain hemisphere. In mindfulness, practitioners pay attention to the breath as they observe whatever thoughts the left brain hemisphere generates. They label such "chatter" and thoughts "thinking" and continue paying attention to the in and out breath. . 

    Mindfulness practice, the skill of being present, helps us learn to trust and befriend ourselves. Through the practice of mindfulness, we improve our ability to observe our thoughts as thinking without judgement. We soon learn that the ongoing chatter in our brain is not reality.

    Teachers who practice self-care are more likely to show compassion and are better at communicating with their students than teachers who suffer. 

    There is a great deal of suffering in the classroom that stems from school stakeholders:

    • Kids suffer, 

    • parents suffer

    • school principal suffers

    • teachers suffer

    • Superintendents suffer

    • District or people at the ministry of education suffer

    • Politicians suffer

    • People suffer

    Suffering impacts the atmosphere in the school and classroom. 

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