• Collaborative Courses

    In week 4, participants will work in teams to begin designing a collaborative course. They will need to set up a syllabus and Team Policy, create an overview of the course in the first section and assign sections to each of the members. 

    Each member of the course will add activities and resources that align with the syllabus and objectives of the course to their individual sections. They will document the process using screencast-o-matic or vimeo and publish the recordings individually on Youtube or Vimeo in week 5. The Youtube videos will then be added to the discussion forum and a Padlet wall for public viewing. 

    Remember that you're here to explore the platform, work with your peers, support one another, and develop your Moodle skills. You may find Carol Dweck's work on the importance of the process as opposed to the need to reach a point in time of interest. 

    Learning to Moodle is an ongoing process that never ends. There's always more to learn because the platform develops, changes, and improves and so do we. Keep that in mind as you work on your collaborative course. 

    Collaborative Courses (Click on the image to access your course)