This is a hands-on session for teachers of English to Young Learners and Teens from around the world. The focus is on activities that engage young learners. Teachers will use tools for student speaking, limited resource classroom activities, board games, and learn a storybook reading improvisational play activity.  

Many English language teachers and their students are unable to speak English fluently and accurately. Technology can facilitate the process by providing practice. The session provides various tools to practice and improve spoken English with fluency and accuracy.

Effective learning habits are essential for school and future careers. Participants of the session will learn about Personal Competency: A Framework for Building Students' Capacity to Learn by and develop effective learning habits that engage and motivate students to make good use of their time in and out of class. 

Learning is fun when it’s social. In this session, participants will learn how to engage students in collaborative team-based learning in and out of the classroom using their computers and/or smart phones. The focus is on curation and video recording tools that engage learners in peer and collaborative learning. 

Participants will learn about and develop a mindfulness awareness practice. They will work individually and in teams. The session activities include formal and informal mindfulness practice. The participants will keep a personal journal (diary activity) for reflections on the individual practice and mindful activities and on the weekly session activities. 

Learn how students can create video tutorials on their smartphone to engage in storytelling, video tutorials, and presentations. With free screen recording tools with online and offline download capabilities for desktop sharing, participants will be able to communicate, learn from peers and have fun.

The goal of the session is to introduce Moodle learning management system for face-to-face, blended (hybrid), and fully online programs. Participants will learn how to teach online using the activities, resources, and blocks available on Moodle to develop their own individual and collaborative Moodle courses. 

What have you done about assessment after a new normal year? Do you concentrate on f2f or online tools or a hybrid? Join us to discuss a new perspective of assessment in teaching English after a long challenging year with new hybrid tools.